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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2018, Vol. 2 Issue 1, Part A
Role of homeopathy medical system in remedy of varicose vein ulcer
Author(s): Rakesh Hooda and Mohit Tripathi
Varicose veins are strange, enlarged blood vessels caused by debilitating in the vessel divider. Such conditions that expansion weight on the leg veins, for example, overweight, absence of activities, hormonal vacillations amid pregnancy and menopause, smoking; obstruction or individuals who are drag out standing or stationary position or rehashed hard work make veins of legs exceptionally powerless and form into varicose veins. Specialists reports that "A gentle care of varicose veins does not ordinarily require a specialist's care, it would relief be able to from the distress with at-home treatment and different elective cures, for example, needle therapy and pressure point massage, fragrance based treatment, shading treatment, eating routine and supplements, home grown treatment, work out, Yoga, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and so forth". Other preventive measures are keeping up perfect weight and to dodge delay standing and tight garments that tightens abdomen, crotch or legs; abstain from intersection legs when sitting, abstain from wearing high foot sole areas and eat low salt eating routine that is rich in high fiber nourishment to diminish maintenance of water or swell. Shallow varicose veins ordinarily don't require medical consideration however to diminish the inconvenience; the specialist may prescribe versatile help tights [1].
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