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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2020, Vol. 4 Issue 3, Part A
Role of homoeopathy in hypertension
Author(s): Dr. Sultana Perween and Dr. Shamim Alam
Hypertension or high blood pressure is the by-product of contemporary civilization and it has become a “Silent killer” due to our current stressful life. High BP is not a disease, but a symptom or sign of internal malady or pathological course of action. The elevation in blood pressure is in fact a compensatory or conservative progression by which an adequate circulation of blood to the tissues is maintained, in spite of obstruction or increased confrontation to the flow of blood. Hypertension is allied with various health related complications like arterial aneurysm, strokes, heart failure, heart attacks and kidney failure or can lead to death due to failure of circulation [1]. There are several conventional medicines to control high blood pressure as acetazolamide, β- blockers etc. However, these medicines have several side effects. So there is a need of alternative treatment to control and manage HTN. This review aims to describe role of homeopathy in managing hypertension.
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Dr. Sultana Perween, Dr. Shamim Alam. Role of homoeopathy in hypertension. Int J Hom Sci 2020;4(3):17-20.
International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences