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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2021, Vol. 5 Issue 3, Part E
Risks and consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity
Author(s): Dr. Sonia Parmar and Dr. Nowani Shaikh
Researchers are gradually becoming aware of the gravity of the risk that overweight and obesity pose for children’s health. The incidence of chronic disease is escalating much more rapidly in developing countries and a potential threat in emerging incidence of childhood obesity. Globally, in 2010 there were estimated to be over 42 mill overweight children below the age of 5, and 35 mill of them are from developing countries. It was estimated 10% of school children, between age of 5 and 17 yrs of age are overweight and obese. Approximately 70%of obese adolescents group to become obese adults. Various studies done in India indicates a rising trend in the prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents. India have major implications towards widespread of non-communicable disease like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease in early adulthood. The association of obesity with type2 diabetes in adolescents and children is very strong and confirmed by various studies. Evidence shows that obesity driven type 2 diabetes might become the most common form of newly diagnosed diabetes in adolescent youth within 10 yrs. Type 2 diabetes mellitus had been a disease of adults but now is occurring in increased numbers among obese adolescents. Studies also shows that there is an increased risk of nephropathy and early signs of cardiovascular disease in youth with type 2 diabetes.
Definition: Itis defined as an excess of body fat. OR Obesity is also defined as a 20% excess of calculated ideal weight for age,sex and height of a child.

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Dr. Sonia Parmar, Dr. Nowani Shaikh. Risks and consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity. Int J Hom Sci 2021;5(3):289-292. DOI: 10.33545/26164485.2021.v5.i3e.436

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