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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2022, Vol. 6 Issue 1, Part B
S. No. Title and Authors Name
Allergic rhinitis and its homoeopathic approach
Dr. Poorav Desai, Dr. Amit Nayak, Dr. Mahesh Prajapati, Dr. Nirav Khunt, Dr. Shriya Tanna, Dr. Mahima Parmar, Dr. Shivangi Lad and Dr. Reshma Savaliya
Pages: 68-71  -  Viewed: 680  -  Downloaded: 249  -  Country: India
Knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) on usage of Arsenicum album for COVID-19 among people in Chennai: A cross sectional survey
Madhuvarshini Sundararajan, Srinivas G and Valarmathi S
Pages: 72-77  -  Viewed: 607  -  Downloaded: 217  -  Country: India
Role of homoeopathic management in the reduction of microalbuminuria of essential hypertension
Dr. Modesty Tyngkan and Dr. MK Kamath
Pages: 78-85  -  Viewed: 530  -  Downloaded: 202  -  Country: India
A randomized control trail to assess the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment on unintentional procrastination in depression, anxiety and stress
Dr. Justina M Steefan, Dr. Girish Navada UK and Dr. Siddesha G
Pages: 86-91  -  Viewed: 396  -  Downloaded: 127  -  Country: India
A case report on renal calculi with hydronephrosis treated with homoeopathy
Dr. Ajay Vishwakarma
Pages: 92-96  -  Viewed: 387  -  Downloaded: 125  -  Country: India
Miasmatic approach in treatment of Eczema: A case report
Dr. Pranab Kumar Chakraborty, Dr. E Siva Rami Reddy, Dr. Anil Aggarwal, Dr. Vaishali Singh, Dr. Ravindra Singh Kuntal and Dr. Seema Kumari Meena
Pages: 97-99  -  Viewed: 577  -  Downloaded: 291  -  Country: India
A cross sectional survey on estimating the prevalence of post-COVID depression in 3rd wave among homoeopathic students of MNR homoeopathic medical college
Dr. Sreevidhya JS, Dr. Tummala Aarathi Reddy, Dr. Maria Dhivya and Dr. E Siva Rami Reddy
Pages: 100-102  -  Viewed: 447  -  Downloaded: 185  -  Country: India
Acute pancreatitis with repertorial approach and homoeopathic management
Dr. Karthik S
Pages: 103-105  -  Viewed: 319  -  Downloaded: 101  -  Country: India
Homoeopathic treatment of complicated sebaceous cyst: A case study
Dr. Deepak R Naik and Dr. Lakshmi HC
Pages: 106-110  -  Viewed: 411  -  Downloaded: 181  -  Country: India
Study to see the effectiveness of Alumina in the indicated cases of hand dermatitis
Dr. Kulsum Sameen
Pages: 111-114  -  Viewed: 325  -  Downloaded: 109  -  Country: India

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences
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