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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2023, Vol. 7 Issue 1, Part D
Drug diseases and homoeopathic management
Author(s): Dr. Lakshmi GL and Dr. Ramya S
Patients with chronic and recurrent ailments may require prolonged treatment. An increasing number of people are relying on medications, both prescription and over-the-counter ones, to manage chronic ailments such as Non communicable diseases. Medications can present a variety of challenges like drug interactions, side effects and patient not adhering to their prescribed treatment. This can significantly affect an individual's well-being and even lead to death [1]. Patients with multimorbidity and multiple prescription are also a common thing we usually come across in our daily practice. This makes problems in diagnosis and more medicines are added to overcome the adverse effects of the medicine which is being used. This is an attempt to study the management of cases presenting with drug related symptoms.
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Dr. Lakshmi GL, Dr. Ramya S. Drug diseases and homoeopathic management. Int J Hom Sci 2023;7(1):213-215. DOI: 10.33545/26164485.2023.v7.i1d.753

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences
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