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International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences

2023, Vol. 7 Issue 3, Part F
Conjunctivitis and its homoeopathic management
Author(s): Dr. A Saravanan BHMS and Dr. G Angelin JEBA
Conjunctivitis is also known as pinkeye and it is the inflammation of conjunctiva. Children are more prone to it. It is a highly contagious disease but it is rarely serious. It is the most common presentation of eye redness in both primary care and emergency departments. It is the most encountered ophthalmologic condition in clinics throughout the world. The alarming signs of conjunctivitis for more serious intraocular conditions like severe pain painful papillary reaction and decreased vision should be considered. The effective management of conjunctivitis includes the timely diagnosis proper differentiation of various etiologist and appropriate treatment.
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Dr. A Saravanan BHMS, Dr. G Angelin JEBA. Conjunctivitis and its homoeopathic management. Int J Hom Sci 2023;7(3):351-353. DOI: 10.33545/26164485.2023.v7.i3f.933

International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences
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